It's a real pleasure to be able to show you all the styles and types of fences we have installed in the area recently.  We have been fortunate to have been able to work for some wonderful homeowners and business owners and we have been presented with some real challenges in landscapes as well.  Please have a look through our gallery.  You may see something that you may feel would work in your situation, or you may want to call for some advice.  Remember, we offer FREE over-the-phone quotes.  We use white cedar wood in all our wooden fences (unless another wood is mentioned in the caption); and we use the finest materials available.  You can see some of the vendors we use sprinkled throughout the site.  Feel free to visit their web sites for more photos and perhaps some more choices.

I've divided up the gallery into a few sections, according to style and then size.  For the most part the fences are six, five and four feet, but you will see variations in the sections and they will be clearly captioned.

The first section contains assorted styles - some decorative arbors; security railings; pergolas; composite walls; and post and rail.  The second section is mostly six-footers, otherwise known as privacy fences.  The third section contains semi-private fences, around five feet solid with one foot toppers; then, the four-footers, and some shorter heights.  Among each section you will see different materials used, mostly wood and vinyl and sometimes some decorative styles that are used to enhance some areas.  These are by no means the only styles we offer.  We also construct rock walls and perform our own masonry work to complete many of our projects.

You can click on a photo to open up a larger image in a new window.  That will give you a better view.  Please call with any questions you may have.


Arbor 1 - Newton, Massachusetts
Vinyl arched arbor with baluster wings.

Arbor 2 - Newton, Massachusetts
Vinyl deluxe arbor.

Arbor 3 - Newton, Massachusetts
Custom arbor - vinyl.

Composite 1 - Newton, Massachusetts
Composite wall for maximum sound protection.

1W - Waltham, Massachusetts
Colonial split rail stained green.

1V -  Waltham, Massachusetts
Vinyl post and rail.

Arbor 4 - Waltham, Massachusetts
Custom built vinyl arbor anchored into patio.

3V - Waltham, Massachusetts
Vinyl baluster with points through.

2V - Waltham, Massachusetts
Two by two baluster vinyl with scalloped baluster.

Arbor 5 Wayland, Massachusetts
Custom wood arbor with 4 ft tall 2x2 alternating height baluster, stained white.  (Frame two)  Four feet tall alternating height baluster with ball caps, stained white.

Arbor 6 - Newton, Massachusetts
Custom built pergola with round columns with 2x6 red cedar crossing and square lattice finish.


2W - Lexington, Massachusetts:  Six foot solid tongue and grove board fence.

4-V Newton, Massachusetts
Six foot to four foot vinyl fence; sloped arched points through.

3-W Lexington, Massachusetts
A challenging landscape:
Six foot solid tongue and grove fence on two foot wall.  Second frame shows stepping up to deal with change in elevation.  Last frame shows a return section of fence with level top, angle bottom to deal with grade change.

5W - Lexington, Massachusetts
Six foot solid tongue and grove fence with one foot square lattice; stained grant beige. Second frame shows stepped to elevate on the wall.

6W -  Waltham, Massachusetts
Six foot 1x5 tongue and grove fence; with 6 ft to 4 ft slant section to complete fence on pressure treated posts.

5V  - Newton, Massachusetts
Six foot fence; tall solid brown vinyl.

6V - Waltham, Massachusetts
Ten foot high white vinyl fence that was originally built as a six foot high fence but homeowner wanted to rise to ten feet in height for extra privacy.

8W - Lexington, Massachusetts
Six foot tall tongue grove board fence, stained forest green.

8V - Newton, Massachusetts
Vinyl six foot fence to four foot capped baluster.

9V - Newton, Massachusetts
Vinyl six foot tall points through vinyl.

10V - Waltham, Massachusetts
Vinyl fence; six feet tall gray.

7V -  Waltham, Massachusetts
Vinyl tan fence; 6 feet to 4 feet tall slant scalloped.

7W - Waltham, Massachusetts
Six foot tall, 1x4 tongue and grove fence with 6 ft to 4 ft tall straight slanted section, stained tan.


4W - Waltham, Massachusetts
Six foot tall 1x4 tongue & groove board fence stained forest green.

Arch-V  Newton, Massachusetts
Vinyl sloped arch to a 90 degree arched radius baluster.


9W -  Waltham, Massachusetts
Six foot tall louver fence stained forest green which allows some privacy at one angle and the other angle allows for full privacy.

10W -  Wayland, Massachusetts
Six foot tall fence; 2x2 alternating height, protecting a steep drop-off; wood.

11V - Waltham, Massachusetts
Vinyl 6 feet solid fence with 1 ft close top; two toned tan and white.

11W -  Natick, Massachusetts
Six foot wood spruce fence.

13W - Waltham, Massachusetts
Six feet tall 1x5 tongue & grove board. Frame two shows board fence on rock wall; Frame three shows fence stepped up on rock wall.


14W -  Lexington, Massachusetts
Five feet tall fence with an upward arched gate X 3 space board fence.

15W - Lexington, Massachusetts
Five feet solid board fence with one-foot capped baluster with an arched gate.

12V -  Newton, Massachusetts
Five feet tall vinyl fence; 2x2 baluster.


Steel1 - Waltham, Massachusetts
Structural steel fence; 5 feet tall with 3/4 inch pointed picket on wall to protect people from falling.

13V -  Waltham, Massachusetts
 Five foot solid vinyl fence with 1 foot diagonal lattice.


14V - Belmont, Massachusetts
Vinyl fence 5 feet tall; 1f t of mini mesh lattice.

17W - Lexington, Massachusetts
Five feet tall 1x3 space board with upward arched gate, stained white


16W - Lexington, Massachusetts
Gate:  Four feet tall square lattice fence with solid upward arched gate; stained grant beige.
Second frame shows five foot solid with two feet square lattice with slope; stained grant beige.
Third frame shows five foot solid with two foot square lattice with slope; stained grant beige.

15V - Waltham, Massachusetts
Five feet solid; 1 ft close top with gate being points through scalloped vinyl fence.


16V - Waltham, Massachusetts
Vinyl five feet solid one-foot close top gate.

18W - Waltham, Massachusetts
Five feet solid 1 foot lattice stained semi-transparent tan.

19V - Waltham, Massachusetts
Three foot tall dog ear scalloped fence.


17V - Arlington, Massachusetts
Vinyl fence - 4 feet solid with1 foot close top baluster recess in to allow for a double drive gate recessed in to allow for swing.


19W - Newton, Massachusetts
Four feet tall;  2x2 baluster with ball caps.

20W - Lexington, Massachusetts
Four feet tall square lattice fence with solid upward arched gate.

18V - Waltham, Massachusetts
Three foot tall vinyl 1x3 dog ear board style fence.


21W - Watertown, Massachusetts
Four foot tall white cedar space picket fence with white cedar posts.


22W - Newton, Massachusetts
Two by two baluster - three feet tall fence, stained forest green.

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